Scouting, Investing in and Nurturing Healthcare Innovation

a differentiated approach to healthcare

Nocturnal Labs is an operational holding company that supports seed stage companies in developing products, technologies, and global businesses that advance health.

The Nocturnal Labs team’s combination of research, development, clinical, operational and financial experience allows the firm to identify, execute and realize investments across the life sciences industry which can provide benefit and value for patients, doctors and healthcare systems, and reward shareholders with a sound and ethical profit.



Nocturnal Labs seeks to identify differentiated healthcare products, services and technologies that address unmet medical needs. Our business is to provide promising companies with meaningful capital resources and to assist them in setting and achieving their initial growth objectives. We identify healthcare companies in the preliminary stage of their development where an infusion of capital, expertise and strategic assistance will significantly enhance the opportunities for success.


Nocturnal Labs makes investment decisions driven by fundamental assessment of scientific, regulatory, financial and commercial risks. Given our investment team’s broad skillset, we invest across the life sciences with focus on early stage companies.


Nocturnal Labs takes an active approach to investing, working closely with portfolio companies to help them become value-building enterprises with early multiple opportunities for exit. Our investment professionals collaborate with management teams and contribute expertise and experience to help determine and execute strategy, identify and evaluate business opportunities and address technical and financial issues.